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How to Recruit the Best Employees for Your Business

Posted in INSIGHT by msceonet on January 4, 2010

Knowing the ‘personality’ of your company is first step to stellar staffing

Selecting instead of hiring should be driving strategy

By Felicia Joy
Senior Correspondent

Roberta Chinsky Matuson, a nationally renowned strategic human resources specialist has two words for business owners who are hiring: Be selective.  “So many times business owners have the attitude that they just want to get it over with so they think of a job title, put out a generic position announcement and hire the first person who seems to fit,” Matuson said.  “This is hiring but what they need to be doing is selecting,” Matuson said.  “Big difference.”

Roberta Chinsky Matuson

Matuson says selecting candidates—rather than simply hiring them—begins with understanding the personality of your company.  “What kind of organization do you have?  Is your business a place where people need to be very independent and able to work with little direction and supervision, or is it a highly collaborative environment, like an IT firm, where people are constantly working together in teams?”  She says identifying the traits of your organization is crucial to hiring people who will survive and thrive at your company.  If you have employees now, Matuson says, “Ask yourself, what do my best performing employees have in common?” If you do not have employees, she says describe the kind of person you think you’d like to have and start from there.

After compiling a list of the traits a person must have to work at your company, define the traits needed for the specific position.  “You don’t have to analyze every single trait of each candidate but you do need to develop a list of critical traits—absolute personality must-haves—that the person must possess if they are to be hired,” Matuson said.  “For example, I must have a detail-oriented accountant. In that job, one number off can ruin everything so I will not hire an accountant unless they are detail-oriented.  On the other hand, I do not want a detail-oriented sales person.  I need them to be people-oriented so they can go out and sell, sell, sell and bring in the business.  We’ll get someone else to crunch the numbers and do paperwork,” she said.  “So develop the list of nice-to-have traits and the list of must-have traits and be sure the person you are hiring has every trait you’ve listed under ‘must have’ for the best results,” Matuson said.

Analyzing and listing traits of your company and each position for which you are hiring sounds time consuming, right?  Matuson concedes that it is, but only initially.  “You only have to develop the traits profile of your company one time and then develop them for each position and you’re done,” she said.  “You can use those profiles over and over and since they are written down any one in the company can then help with hiring,” she said. 

Matuson says learning how to do behavioral interviewing will ensure you hire the right person and don’t have to bear the time and expense of re-staffing.  “Behavioral interviewing is based on the idea that the best indicator of future behavior is prior behavior so you want to get specific examples of what each candidate has done in the past to determine if they have the traits you are looking for,” she said.  “You have to stick to your list and rely on strong interviewing to make sure they are not just saying they are a certain way, when they aren’t.  Also, don’t think you can change a person’s traits.  Their personality and approach to things was developed in the sandbox when they were young so it’s not going to change.”

Matuson’s firm, Human Resource Solutions, is developing a new e-book, Selecting for Success, to help small business owners and busy entrepreneurs make the most of the hiring process.


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