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January 2010 Ms. CEO of the Month: Stephanie Weaver

Posted in GENERAL, INSPIRATION by msceonet on January 23, 2010

Stephanie Weaver is founder and CEO of Great Minds Creative in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (click photo for larger view).

Creative writing guru finds peace and joy in the simple things

Big tub of popcorn and a good movie is heaven on Earth 

Stephanie Weaver, Ms. CEO of the Month for January 2010, is the founder and CEO of Great Minds Creative — an Atlanta based marketing communications and creative writing firm.  On a recent afternoon hanging out with Ms. CEO Media senior correspondent, Felicia Joy, Stephanie shared a few fun facts about herself and her life. 

  • Best time of day: Evening
  • Favorite place to vacation: Puerto Rico
  • Businesswoman she admires: Any woman who started a business prior to the Internet age when, she says, it was more difficult to attract people and get them together to build a business.  For example, Mary Kay. 
  • In the last 10 years: Life has become a bit harder despite the technology that was supposed to make it easier because everyone is so accessible — even after business hours or when you’re not in the office.
  • People would be surprised to know that: She has a huge interest in aviation.
  • If she were starting her career over she’d be: An engineer. (See how Stephanie got started in business.)
  • Her favorite color is: Red.
  • Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla.
  • Born in: Atlanta (we can’t believe it!) 
  • Favorite pastimes:  Heaven is seeing a good movie and eating a big tub of popcorn.  She also enjoys trying new restaurants. 

    Stephanie Weaver, January 2010 Ms. CEO of the Month, shows off her business savvy, boldness and style in a classic Ms. CEO tee.

  • Favorite movie of all time: Coal Miner’s Daughter because it’s such a fascinating story.  It was unreal, she said, to think of a man in modern times marrying a girl who was only 13 years old.  She also said, “Sissy Spacek sang all of the songs and sounded absolutely amazing.”  (Sissy Spacek played the role of country music singer Loretta Lynn in the biopic.)
  • Favorite cuisine: Indian food.
  • Businesswoman or a woman who just happens to be in business: Definitely a woman who just happens to be in business, she emphasizes.
  • Surprising business facts: She does not have a website.  Word-of-mouth and exceptional work have enabled her to build a thriving business; but launching a website is one of her 2010 business goals.  She didn’t start with a business plan and doesn’t have one now.
  • Approach to “balance”: Acceptance that she will not simultaneously excel at every single thing.  The pressure to be it all is driven by us as individuals and media, she says.  “I don’t put pressure on myself anymore. I have let go of trying to be perfect.  We need to give up that message.” (Video: See what Stephanie says about “being perfect” in a behind-the-scenes interview.)
  • Guilty pleasure: Watching Real Housewives of Atlanta (laughs).
  • Favorite quote: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
  • Favorite word: Flummox (to bewilder, confound or confuse)—because she likes the way it sounds and thinks people experience being flummoxed a lot more than they let on.
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