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Posted in GENERAL by msceonet on February 2, 2010

January 2010

It’s a New Year and we’re up for new challenges and breakthroughs at Ms. CEO Media, as I’m sure you are in your business! Any day is a great day to start over—or do better—if you’re unhappy with where you are; or to maintain and continue your fabulousness if you’re plum-pleased with life.  No matter which boat you’re in, we’re glad for the monumental start of a new year and whole new decade to add that extra oomph! to your journey.   

Felicia Joy

Felicia Joy

I hope our monthly editorial photos move you in one way or another—and that our articles, videos and on-demand radio program bring you deeper understanding of your business, increased profits, greater pride as a beautiful business woman, more appreciation for everyday miracles like the freedom to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and the inspiration to create the life that you imagine.    

We’ll have a different theme every four weeks. This month’s theme is “Empowerment & Renewal,” prompted by the New Year and the bang up job that women business owners continue to do despite the slow economy.  We are 21st century Rosie the Riveters  and yes we can do it.  We can turn the economy around by taking a few steps every single day.  Our cover model woman entrepreneur for this month, Stephanie Weaver of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is a business owner who proves this without a doubt!    

If you have any great stories or leads to share—or know a phenomenal woman entrepreneur whose journey rings true to this month’s theme—please drop a line to and keep up with us on Twitter.  Also, on MSCEO.NET you see our final work but become our fan on Facebook so you can see photos, video and notes from our behind-the-scenes work—it’s a riot!    

I’m looking forward to an outstanding year personally and for Ms. CEO Media; and I’m glad you’re going to be a part of it.  If I’ve met you: See you soon.  If I have not met you: Can’t wait to meet, and please excuse me in advance for my loud laugh.  Until then, grace, peace and blessings!    

Happy New Year,
Felicia Joy
Founder, Senior Correspondent & Editor    

Daily News, Insight and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs



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