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Ms. CEO Media Inc. presents ‘Women Entrepreneurs Day in Georgia’ at the State Capitol

Posted in EVENTS, NEWS by msceonet on February 12, 2010

Senator Nan Orrock sponsored the resolution to officially create "Women Entrepreneurs Day" in Georgia at the State Capitol.

Georgia Senate recognizes women business owners on historic day

Women entrepreneurs visit Capitol for special acknowledgment as leaders of economic recovery in America

By Kallarin Richards

State Senator Nan Orrock of Atlanta, Georgia on March 8 announced the first Women Entrepreneurs Day in Georgia, now an annual event at the State Capitol.  Recognizing Georgia’s nearly 200,000 women business owners, Women Entrepreneurs Day highlighted the impact women entrepreneurs make on the state and national economy. 

“Women-owned businesses are on the leading edge of today’s economy,” said Orrock.  “It’s anticipated that by 2018, women-owned small businesses will be responsible for creating a third of the 15.3 million new jobs that are expected to be generated.  Because these entrepreneurs will play such a significant role in leading our nation to economic recovery, it’s crucial that we create a dialogue between Georgia’s women entrepreneurs and their legislators.  Women Entrepreneurs Day will help create a stronger partnership between state lawmakers and women-owned businesses to position Georgia as a leader in the new economy.”

(Watch press conference remarks by Senator Nan Orrock and Felicia Joy.)

The creation of Women Entrepreneurs Day is an ideal example of that partnership.  Orrock joined Atlanta small business owner Felicia Joy, who created the special day, to make Women Entrepreneurs Day a recognized event at the State Capitol.  Joy is the founder of Ms. CEO Media Inc., a fast-growing multimedia company that provides insight and inspiration for women entrepreneurs through merchandise, media and special events. 

“While women have made tremendous strides at the helm of their own businesses, there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Joy.  “Now more than ever, as our nation strives to regain our economic strength, it is critical that we take an all-hands-on-deck approach to business leadership.  That includes making sure that everyone, particularly women who have the most room for growth and creating jobs, has access to capital, policy makers, contracting opportunities and the network of knowledge and influencers that can make a business boom.”

(See photos from the event and read the resolution.  Note: The resolution references February 22, 2010, the original date of the event, which was re-scheduled due to changes in the Senate calendar. )

Orrock and Joy were joined by several local women business owners to kick off the annual event, who were formally recognized in the Senate Chamber by Georgia’s Lietuenant Governor Casey Cagle and the entire Senate body.  The day was supported by Justin’s Restaurant located at 2200 Peachtree Road in Atlanta, which provided the luncheon, as well as the Georgia Department of Economic Development that made a special presentation to the group.


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