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Pretty Successful: Profiles of Amazing Women Entrepreneurs – Kathleen Plate

Posted in EVENTS, INSPIRATION by msceonet on March 17, 2010

Kathleen Plate: Redefining ‘beauty in a bottle’

Eco-conscious entrepreneur shows off her creative genius

By Felicia Joy
Ms. CEO Correspondent 

It’s a cool, dusky evening and chatty socialites are mingling in “environment,” an eco-chic furniture store near downtown Atlanta.  Though the sun has set it seems to still be shining in the form of Kathleen Plate.  A tall and statuesque blonde, she comes across as a happy-go-lucky California gal, but says she’s from Washington state.  

Kathleen Plate, creator of recycled glass jewelry, dresses and decor, has a playful moment at her recent show in Atlanta (click photo for larger view).


An entrepreneurial artisan, Kathleen is the pioneering creator of glass bangles and other jewelry that she makes from recycled bottles.  If you’ve been to any fashion forward boutique or clothing retailer lately you’ve seen her work—or knock-offs of it.  Those shiny glass bracelets that sound like a million bottles clanking together once you put them on and wave your hand are everywhere; but many of those on store shelves are fake versions of Kathleen’s work. Oh well.  Imitation, some say, is the highest form of flattery.  

At environment, cocktail-and-h’or douvres passing hostesses are working the crowd adorned in Kathleen’s jewelry.  It’s beautiful for sure, and she’s been making it for 17 years, but that’s not the focus this evening.  Today it’s all about her latest innovations: curtains, pillow shams, chandeliers, tabletop arrangements—even dresses—all made from glass. 

A dress made of glass?  How does one dream that up?  “By trying to challenge myself,” says Kathleen.  “I always loved to make stuff.  I grew up with one of those moms who often had crafts projects for us to do,” she said.  Her first ever creation wasn’t jewelry though.  “The first thing I can remember making is a cake in my Easy Bake Oven,” she says smiling with a fleeting flash of nostalgia. 

“Making stuff” has worked out well for Kathleen, who has been said to “mesmerize” audiences with her recycled glass works.  She has traveled all over the states to show her pieces and install custom commissions.  Her sights are next set on international showrooms.  “I’ve flown everything to Los Angeles for a show and been many other places across the U.S.,” she said.  “But abroad is next.  I think I’d love to do a show in Milan, Italy.”  

With too many sources of inspiration to name just one, Kathleen says she loves the simplicity of working with re-cycled glass.  “I only have about three or four colors of glass to work with so I’m constantly stretching myself to make it look different.”  

A hostess serves h'or douvres adorned in a Kathleen Plate recycled glass necklace (click photo for larger view).


She is also inspired by feedback from fans of her work.  “I love it when people tell me that something I have made has become their go-to piece or good luck charm.  Ultimately, it’s not about my work.  It’s about what it means to the people who wear or acquire it.” 

With Aveda, Coca-Cola, the Guggenheim Museum, Christina Applegate, Amy Smart, Sienna Miller—and numerous television programs—embracing her work, Kathleen is quite a busy artist and entrepreneur.  To take a break and rejuvenate she likes to travel.  “I love to go on a long trip.  I’m probably the only person in the world who loves sitting in an airplane,” she says.  “When else do I get to sit on my butt for five hours and do nothing?”


Beauty for Businesswomen

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Stylist quests for the perfect shade of red lipstick for every skin tone

The ultimate power color is wearable on everyone’s lips with a few insider tips

By Keizia Parks

Outfitted in my black Isaac Mizrahi trench coat and guided by a diamond encrusted compass (which doubles as a compact), I dared to set out on the ultimate mission to find the perfect red lipstick for every skin tone. While shuffling through my iPod in search of the perfect theme music, I couldn’t help but to wonder if Magellan had this same rush of adrenaline when he set out in search of the Spice Islands. Many women run in terror at the sheer thought of choosing the right red lipstick but my fearless leader, master makeup artist Regina Trawick, didn’t even blink at the challenge. Regina’s confidence is the result of more than 10 years of experience in the makeup industry.  

Andreia Longshore, an Atlanta entrepreneur, shows off her perfect shade of red lipstick.


The wait has been long and the stakes were high but I am the brave soul who has finally solved the mystery of “the perfect shade of red” once and for all.  

Top Tips For A Flawless Red Lip:  

  1. Before applying the lipstick of your choice begin with a liquid foundation on the lips followed by a powder foundation or blotting powder.
  2. Lips should be lined using a lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick or a deeper shade of red. This will keep the lipstick in place and prevent the color from bleeding or running. For the appearance of fuller lips slightly outline the outer rim of your natural lip line with lip liner.
  3. Lipstick should be applied using a lipstick brush—never directly from the tube.
  4. Blot lips after the first application and reapply an additional coat of lipstick. Two coats of lipstick will give your lip color staying power.
  5. For a matte look simply leave lipstick as is or for a shiny look apply a clear gloss. Be conservative with the gloss ladies, a little goes a long way.

Women with olive and dark complexions should look for reds with a berry undertone while women with lighter or pale complexions should look for reds with more of a pink undertone.  Women with medium or light brown complexions can opt for the truest shades of red.   

Ladies your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to throw caution to the wind and wear that riveting red lipstick! But be careful it’s a dangerously fun world out there for a pair of powerful red lips.  

Keizia Parks is a beauty consultant and wardrobe stylist. She blogs at Daily Fashion Vitamin. Keizia works with women of all ethniticies and sizes to put their best face and fashion forward. Reach her at

Driven women entrepreneurs can be more susceptible to stress and burn out

Posted in INSIGHT by msceonet on March 10, 2010

Certain personality traits put women in business at risk for health issues

How to avoid and stop the cycle of doing too much

By Alicia Ingram

Alicia Sable-Hunt loves her work.  

She is passionate about running Edwards-Hunt medical consulting firm while building Conneticut-based Sable’s Foods, a product line of nutritional bars for cancer patients, but Sable-Hunt says managing two companies simultaneously has left her with little time for anything else. 

Alicia Sable-Hunt experienced burn out while managing one business and building another.

“I’ve always had difficultly with work-life balance,” admitted Sable-Hunt who left her full time job in March 2007 to grow Sables Foods. While putting more time into launching her food company, she continued to serve as a consultant with her former employer and also picked up new consulting clients. 

Within months, Sable-Hunt’s 18-hour work days resulted in an emergency room visit where she was diagnosed with a severe case of burn out. At the advice of her doctor, Sable-Hunt slowed down temporarily. Within a few weeks, however, she was back at her regular pace.  

Three months later she was also back in the emergency room. 

“It was the same emergency room doctor. He grabbed my hand and said, ‘You’re heading for a heart attack and you’re going kill yourself. You have to make changes. And they have to be drastic.’ That was a wake up call.” 

According to Atlanta-based psychologist Dr. Mary Gresham, burnout among women entrepreneurs is common and best described as a state of fatigue that is often caused by prolonged stress over a period of time.   

Dr. Mary Gresham says burn out is brought on by prolonged stress and is common among women.

“The cycle comes because you don’t have good stress management routines and that’s what creates the [recurring burnout]. It’s kind of like yo-yo dieting.  You need to have a daily program,” said Gresham. 

 For Sable-Hunt and other entrepreneurs who find themselves constantly doing too much, Gresham notes that certain personality types are more at risk for burnout. The traits of such personalities  include competitiveness, detail-orientation with perfectionist tendencies and an inability to delegate. 

Despite these personality traits, Lorin Beller Blake, owner of business development firm  Big Fish Nation, in Austin, Texas, provides hope and advice for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to avoid a constant cycle of burnout in the fast pace world of self-employment and business building. 

“There’s a way to maintain the momentum without getting caught up in the emotional energy [of feeling like you have to sacrifice everything to run your business], says Blake. “Create the space for yourself in the routines of building the business.” 

Lorin Beller Blake helps entrepreneurs, especially women, build a business without burn out.

For entrepreneurs on the road to burn out and for those recovering, Blake recommends consistently doing the following: 

  1. Take time to breathe:  “What breathing does is create space in the moment. Burnout is the lack of space — lack of thinking space, the lack of space to take care of ourselves and the lack of being conscious.”
  2. Walk away:  “Walk away from the speed at which you are functioning in order to change the tone of your day.  Take the time to incorporate the more important things so that life is more abundant. It may be working out, reading or spending time outdoors. It’s about getting yourself in a more relaxed space.”
  3. Ask for help: “Whether it’s personal or professional, having a support team is key.   Have support in the place where you’re not feeling strong and in an area of your life where you are feeling overwhelmed. Get creative in delegating and asking for help.”

Blake also notes that permanently stopping burnout requires a lifestyle change of better time management along with behavioral changes. 

As for Sable-Hunt, her permanent lifestyle adjustments remain a work in progress. Changes included relocating from Connecticut to the Gulf Coast to improve her quality of life.  She has hired a personal trainer to her help maintain a consistent exercise routine and now spends more time away from her home office. 

“I know changing my life, slowing down,  recovering from the burnout will take time and I am committed to succeeding. I have a sign hanging above my desk that says: Does it really need to be done and does it have to be done now?”

March 2010 Ms. CEO of the Month: I’na Saulsbery

Posted in INSPIRATION by msceonet on March 1, 2010

Uniquely named mogul loves summer and Stevie Wonder

Prefers crackers instead of croutons with her salad

I’na Saulsbery, founder and CEO of The Starfire Group, an event planning firm recently shared a few fun facts about herself with Ms. CEO Media. While this mogul-in-the-making, who once managed marketing and events for Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, commands plenty of serious attention in the world of business, she is also an extraordinarily interesting “every day” gal, too.     

Origin and meaning of your name: I have never found my name spelled exactly the way it is pronounced or spelled. I have only found it spelled Ina or Ena. (Hers is I’na—pronounced EE-na.) These variations are said to originate from Latin, Russian or Spanish. The meaning differs depending on which origin you’re considering. In Latin it means mother. I have also found it to mean “pure one.”     

I'na Saulsbery, CEO of The Starfire Group, is an event planner extraordinaire. She's wearing a vintage black velvet blazer to represent our March editorial theme, Meaning & Legacy. (Click photo for large view)


Favorite color: Black.
Best time of day: Mornings.
Favorite television program: Law & Order.
Most embarrassing moment ever: I can’t say I have had one of those yet…thank goodness! (Ms. CEO: Yeah right, I’na; give up the goods!)
Nickname: I’na Bina or Beans.
Favorite music genre and song: R&B; “All I Do” by Stevie Wonder.
Business woman you admire most: Hands down it would have to be Oprah.
Siblings: Yes, all girls—and no, we don’t fight.
Teacher’s pet or class clown in school: More of a “talked too much in class” student.
Croutons or crackers: Hmmm, crackers.
Favorite food: Mexican! 

I'na Saulsbery, March 2010 Ms. CEO of the Month, shows off her business savvy, boldness and style in a classic Ms. CEO tee.


Favorite restaurant: 2 Urban Licks. I love the décor.
Ideal kind of guy: God fearing, family guy, smart, nice looking and treats me well.
Favorite season: Summer (smile).