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Inventive Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and Mom Shares Her Secrets for Balancing Family Care and Business Building

Posted in INSPIRATION by msceonet on May 30, 2010
Balancing your business and home life can be a struggle, so lighten the load by trying these expert tips
It is all about tightening your time management skills and finding the right resources to help with your children


By Nadiyah M. Jett, Ms. CEO Correspondent



During the early years of her company, Mom Invented, Tamara Monosoff was working feverishly to get her business—which included selling her first invention, the TP Saver—off the ground. So, she juggled packing products, shipping orders and being her own publicist, just to name a few of her many hats, along with raising her daughter, 21 month-old Sophia. 

Mom Invented is one of roughly 8 million businesses run by women across the country today, according to the National Women’s Business Council; and many of their owners have chosen to be a mom, too. 

So, the ever-constant challenge is how to juggle work and home so no one, from your kids to your clients, is left empty-handed.  

Well, to do this and keep from pulling out your hair by lunch time, Monosoff suggests creating strict schedules to complete tasks that are a must to keep your business going each day. 

“What I learned to do was to block out very specific times for work and then to turn it off and focus on the kids. It wasn’t working to try and do both,” Monosoff says. 

“I am very serious about my blocks of time more than anything. This is the thing; you need to have consistent periods of time. Otherwise, it gets too frustrating because it feels like you are taking 10 steps back. So, in order to build your business successfully, you need to have blocks of time that you can count on because it allows you to get enough momentum to move things forward. When your kids are small, that is essential.” 

Fast forward to today. Although, Monosoff’s daughters are 8-and 6-years-old and in school, she still swears by these time blocks. As a result, the best-selling author has built an acclaimed brand. From having a presence in the international marketplace with her Mom Invented products to being featured on a number of shows, including Good Morning America Weekend, Monosoff and her wares are highly sought-after. 

She has even made time to write and release her fourth business book, Your Million Dollar Dream, which hit shelves in April 2010. 

You can mimic Monosoff’s career moves by testing out your ability to not only stick to time blocks, but to also make organized action lists. 

“Write everything down that you need to get done and then pick the top three to five things that you would like to accomplish in that day. Start out with those things and prioritize in that way,” she says. 

“If you have small kids you need to get some help. I know how hard it is with the little ones because I went through it myself,” she confides. 

“One of the things that I counted [on] was our community. So, look into your city’s resources. We had great art programs and activities for kids that were really inexpensive. Oftentimes I would get the kids into a two or three-hour art program or a camp. They learned. I got my time. It was a positive experience for all of us,” she says. 

“Really, even if you are busy, as long as your kids feel your love by you taking those moments to look into their eyes, give them kisses and tell them that you love them, they are going to know it.” 

Tamara Monosoff



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