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2010 Ms. CEO Events

Posted in GENERAL by msceonet on June 29, 2010

We’re just past the mid-point of 2010 and we’ve had a packed year already but there is more to come!  If you are interested in attending one of our fabulous events in the weeks and months ahead please join our e-mail list for updates.

Here’s to your success!  Remember: Be seen. Be profitable.  Be bold!


Dr. Caroline von Fluegge | Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic

Posted in GENERAL by msceonet on June 29, 2010

Booming chiropractic practice is about more than just stopping back pain

A chance visit to a chiropractor locked this entrepreneur’s career in place and lessons from her childhood keep her going today

By Nadiyah M. Jett
Ms. CEO Correspondent

“My patients are like family members to me. I care about them immensely. From the back and neck pain perspective, I get the job done finding and correcting the cause of the problem without drugs or surgery, but how I practice chiropractic care goes way beyond fixing backs,” says Dr. Caroline von Fluegge, a chiropractor and entrepreneur in Atlanta.

"Dr. C", as she is referred to by patients and friends, is the June 2010 Ms. CEO of the Month representing "Wellness and Bliss." She is a trusted source of health and wellness wisdom by all who know her. (Click image for larger view.)

“I am looking at the whole person and striving to bring out more of what is working right instead of focusing on what is wrong. How can better health, both mentally and physically, help someone lead a more extraordinary life, whether as a mom, business person, athlete or child?” she asks.

After one conversation with Dr. Caroline von Fluegge, you can’t miss how passionate she is about her career as a chiropractor and entrepreneur. The international native (she was raised in New York, Germany and Italy) however, has not always had such a firm grasp on what field she wanted to pursue once she graduated from Tufts University.

After a stint interning at a design firm, art auction house and an advertising agency, the puzzle pieces of her professional future still had not fit together.  “I felt like my mind, body, and spirit were in three different places. I needed a break to re-evaluate my life and figure out what the next step should be.”

And, her experience at the advertising agency, where she worked with an Ocean Spray account, just added to her laundry list of reasons why taking a second look at her career path was necessary.

After being the last to know that the agency lost the account and everyone associated with it had been fired, she said, “I decided then and there that I was not going to have anyone else determine whether or not I would be employed, what I would be paid, when I would take vacation or what I would be doing.”

Coincidently, after joining a friend on a visit to a chiropractor, the doctor’s treatment techniques not only persuaded Dr. Caroline to become a patient too, but it also convinced her to learn more about chiropractic care and finish a slew of pre-med classes to ultimately help others as she had been helped.

So, fast forward to today, and the puzzle pieces have formed a picture of Dr. Caroline with a full roster of patients who have sought out her therapeutic hands to remedy their aches or even aid in weight loss for the past 12 years.

“I hopped into the entrepreneur pool and just started swimming quickly. No time to look for water wings,” she says.

“Success comes from years of really hard work. It’s the behind the scenes stuff that no one watching you from the outside really sees or appreciates. There is no secret. You work your tail off when you are motivated and when you are absolutely exhausted. There’s no room for a prima donna. So, keep reinventing yourself and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Develop a strong foundation of belief in self. Ultimately, figure out what makes you happy and point your compass in that direction marching forward with optimism, humility and faith.”

Thus, Dr. Caroline finds time to be more than a “one trick pony,” as she says. So, she is also a chiropractic consultant for several world-renowned bands and the Thrashers (Atlanta’s hockey team).  She also teaches wellness seminars at various companies; and these are just a few of the many aspects of her thriving business.

Ultimately, she says, “I make a difference. I have fun.”

June 2010 Ms. CEO of the Month: Dr. Caroline von Fluegge

Posted in INSIGHT, INSPIRATION by msceonet on June 29, 2010

International upbringing prepares this family chiropractor for healing a world of people

Back-breaking thrills in her teen years led to calmer but still exciting ways to be happy

By Nadiyah M. Jett
Ms. CEO Correspondent

Dr. Caroline von Fluegge is June 2010 Ms. CEO of the Month representing the theme, Wellness & Bliss. (Click image for larger view.)

What better way to celebrate our June theme, “Wellness and Bliss,” than to go behind the scenes with one of Atlanta’s most innovative physicians, Dr. Caroline von Fluegge? At her office, Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic, she makes sure her clients are happy and living a fulfilling life by, first, improving their health. As she dishes on her life before medicine and her love for rock music, we see why she has such a heart for her work.

With your many travels as a child, what destination inspired you the most to live an even better life? My father’s career in international business was the catalyst for our family being transferred from one city to another in Europe every few years, so traveling and experiencing new cultures has always been a part of my life since day one. Speaking multiple languages at home, meeting people of all types of backgrounds, eating foods from all over the world has given me the appreciation for diversity, history, heritage, tolerance and much more. We would spend summers in the U.S. where I would catch up on reruns of Happy Days. I’ve always had one foot here and one foot there. At the end of the day, a “better life” as you ask about is one where you are happy where you are, right here and right now.

What sport would you try that you’d consider off-the-wall? I’ve gotten a little tamer these days. I see no need to hang from fingernails, my nose 1/4 inch from a cliff, trying to scale El Capitan. There comes a point in life where being active for the sake of stress relief and keeping my body working well are the priorities, not auditions for the X Games. I miss downhill skiing, though. Adrenaline, fresh air and power snow—what a rush. One broken back in high school and one torn knee ligament years later has put this ski bunny into hibernation.

You dream of being a rock star, so if you ever get your opportunity to hop on stage, who would you most want to rock out with? Stomping around stage and belting it out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers until my face turns blue, and I collapse in a pile of blissful sweat would be cool!

Dr. Caroline von Fluegge, June 2010 Ms. CEO of the Month, shows off her bliss! (Click image for larger view.)

When you think of what’s blissful in your life, what images come to mind? The smell of Coppertone takes me back to being a kid playing on the beach with my hair clumped together like dreadlocks by salt water, juice from an overly ripe peach running down my chin and a crumpled bag of Pepperidge Farm oatmeal cookies in the bottom of my mother’s beach bag.

What is the one phrase that your parents or a family member always said that you still live by today? With regards to career, my dad’s mantra for his three daughters was something to the effect of, “Get the best education you can get, be a professional, do something you love, do something that makes a difference, do something that puts bread on the table.” The concept of “because you are a girl you can only do such and such…” is a totally foreign concept to me. It’s like having to teach George Washington about iPhones.  As a teen, my father lost his whole family as a result of WWII. With literally nothing to his name, he emigrated to New York and enrolled in Columbia University night school to get a college education while working in a bowling alley during the day to make ends meet. Perseverance is in my DNA.